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What is Interac e-Transfer?

Interac e-Transfer® is a safe, fast, and convenient way to send, request and receive money from a person or business with an email address or mobile number and an eligible bank account at a participating Canadian financial institution.

To use the service, log in to EasyWeb or the TD app and follow the on-screen instructions for Interac e-Transfer.

How it works              

When you send or request money using Interac e-Transfer, an email or text message is sent to the recipient typically within 1 minute, though some notifications may take up to 30 minutes. If you used the recipient's email address and your recipient doesn't receive the email from INTERAC, have them check their email 'Junk' folder.

The notification to your recipient includes instructions on how they can deposit the funds, or respond to your request for money. If the recipient has set up Autodeposit, the funds will be automatically deposited to their designated account.

Otherwise they'll be provided with a link and directed to log into their financial institution's online banking service or app, answer the Security Question you created when sending the transfer, and then deposit the money into their account.


There is no transfer fee when you send or request money with the following accounts:

Personal Accounts:

  • TD Student Chequing Account1
  • TD Every Day Chequing Account1
  • TD Unlimited Chequing Account,
  • TD All-Inclusive Banking Plan
  • TD Wealth Private Banking Account

Business Accounts:

  •  TD Unlimited Business Plan

For all other accounts, a transfer fee applies when you send or request money as follows:

Personal Accounts:

  • Up to $100: $0.50 per transfer1
  • Over $100: $1.00 per transfer1

Business Accounts:

  • $1.50 per transfer1

The Send Money transfer fee, if applicable, is charged to the account from which the money is sent at the time it is sent.

The Request Money transfer fee, if applicable, is charged to the account into which the money is deposited at the time of deposit, if the recipient accepts (fulfills) the request.

There is no transfer fee to receive a request and accept it1.

Cancellation fees

It's free to cancel any money you've sent if it's within 45 minutes of sending it. After 45 minutes, a $5 fee applies. There's no charge to cancel a request for money.

Note that for the following accounts, cancellations are free:

  • TD Wealth Private Banking Account
  • TD Unlimited Business Plan
  • Line of Credit


Sending limits2:

  • Per Transfer: $3,000
  • 24 hours3: $3,000
  • 7 days3: $10,000
  • 30 days3: $20,000

Sending limits apply when:

  • You send money to a recipient
  • You accept an incoming request for money

Request limits:

  • Per request: $3,000

Please note: your recipient can only accept your request if the amount you request is within their sending limits set by their financial institution.

1 Regular account transaction fees may apply.

2 Some customers may have different limits. For your specific limits, please refer to the Send Money screen on EasyWeb and the TD app.

3 Rolling Limits (in CAD $)

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