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Are there charges associated with foreign exchange transfers?

Foreign exchange transfers: related fees

A foreign-exchange transfer completed using EasyWeb is considered a self-serve transaction. Depending on the type of account that the funds are being withdrawn from, regular account transaction fees may apply. However, these account transaction fees may be covered in your monthly account fee, if you are registered for one.

Please note: If you make a transfer to an account which is denominated in a currency other than the currency of the account from which those funds are being transferred, a conversion of currency may be required. In all such transactions and at any time a conversion of currency is made, we will act as principal with you in converting the currency at rates established or determined by us or parties related to us. We and the parties related to us may earn revenue or commissions, in addition to any applicable transaction fee, based on the difference between the applicable bid and ask rate for the currency and the rate at which the rate is offset in the market. Conversion of currency, if required, will take place on the transfer date, unless otherwise agreed.

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