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What is the maximum amount of a foreign exchange transfer?

Foreign exchange transfer limits

TD Canada Trust Accounts 
As long as you have sufficient funds, you can use EasyWeb to transfer up to $35,000 U.S. dollars per transaction from your TD Canada Trust bank account.

TD Direct Investing Accounts
As long as you have sufficient funds in your TD Direct Investing account, you can transfer up to the amounts listed below:

  • $250,000 (Canadian or U.S. dollars) for transfers between brokerage accounts with the same six-digit account numbers.
  • $50,000 (Canadian or U.S. dollars) for transfers from the originating brokerage account to any other account listed in your "To Account" dropdown list.

Note: The minimum transfer amount for foreign exchange (Canadian / U.S.) transactions is $1.00 U.S.. After 7:00 pm (ET) Foreign Exchange (Canadian or U.S. Dollars) transfers are limited to a maximum of $35,000 U.S. dollars per transaction.

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