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Is Verified.Me safe?

1. Verified.Me is a service offered by SecureKey Technologies Inc. The Verified.Me service was developed by SecureKey in cooperation with seven of Canada’s major financial institutions – BMO, CIBC, Desjardins, National Bank of Canada, RBC, Scotiabank and TD – along with other innovation partners, using strong security protocols and triple blind™ capabilities at the core.

2. You'll be asked to consent to every data sharing transaction. You're always in control.

3. Your personal information is stored and maintained by your trusted Connections - such as your financial institution. Other trusted network participants that you have authorized to receive your personal information may also store a copy. Your personal information is not copied or stored in the Verified.Me app.

4. The Verified.Me service uses strong security protocols to protect your information from being identified, accessed or misused when it is sent through the Verified.Me service. Your information is made available in real-time and encrypted before being sent from your Connections when you consent to send it to a trusted network participant.

5. As an extra layer of security, you can disable the use of your TD online and mobile banking credentials for Verified.Me at any time by contacting EasyLine at 1-866-222-3456. If you disable your credentials, your credentials cannot be used to login to the Verified.Me app even if you have already registered and have an active profile on the app.


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