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Why can't I have a passbook?

Why passbooks are no longer available

In order to keep pace with our customers’ preference for easy, convenient, environmentally friendly banking options, we will no longer provide a passbook option for new accounts.

Instead, you can check your account information 24 hours a day, seven days a week via EasyWeb Internet banking - or the TD app.

You can choose to receive your statements online, for no cost, or switch to paper statements.

1. Log in to EasyWeb
2. Go to Delivery Preferences, under Statements & Documents in the left-hand navigation
3. Change your eligible accounts to whatever delivery preference you wish
4. If you're switching to Online, you'll then be asked to review and agree to a legal Consent agreement.

You can change the delivery preference for your accounts any time.

If you’re not already registered for EasyWeb, you can register online.

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