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What happens to my TD Visa Mobile Alerts if I change my mobile device carrier but keep my mobile phone number?

TD Visa Mobile Alerts - changed mobile device carrier

If you change mobile device carriers but keep your mobile phone number, you will be required to confirm that you would like to continue to receive alerts through the TD Visa Mobile Alerts Service*. You will be asked via SMS text message if alerts should still be sent to you at that phone number under your new carrier. If you respond in the affirmative to the SMS text message, alerts will continue to be sent to your mobile phone number.

If you prefer, you can also respond online at tdrewards.com as follows:

• Log on to tdrewards.com
• Access the My Account/Set-Up TD Visa Mobile Alerts page
• Select your TD Visa Card
• Update your mobile phone number
• Press SAVE UPDATES to save your settings

You will be sent a validation code to your new mobile phone number via SMS text message. You must then enter this validation code on the MOBILE/EMAIL PREFERENCES tab. All of the alerts that you have chosen will continue to apply to your new mobile phone number.

If you do not respond to this SMS text message by return reply from your mobile device or by logging on to tdrewards.com, you will not continue to receive alerts.

To set up your TD Visa Card with the TD Visa Mobile Alerts Service* you need to register your TD Visa Card at tdrewards.com. Then simply access the My Account > Set-Up TD Visa Mobile Alerts page and go to SETUP ALERTS tab. For assistance, please call the number on the back of your TD Visa Card.

*The TD Visa Mobile Alerts Service ("Service") is offered by The Toronto-Dominion Bank exclusively for TD Visa Cards. The Service provides email alerts and mobile phone alerts which are sent by Visa Canada. For full details about his Service, please read the TD Visa Mobile Alerts Service Terms & Conditions which are available for review during the Service registration process.

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