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Can I use my TD Credit Card to get cash from a bank machine?

Set up a TD Credit Card for ATM access

TD Credit Cards do not automatically come with ATM (automated teller machine) capability, but you can obtain this service by asking at any TD Canada Trust branch.  Or call the TD Credit Card Customer Service Centre and we will generate a PIN for you and send it to you by mail.   

Alternatively, you can add your TD Credit Card Account as an option on your TD Access Card just by visiting any TD Canada Trust branch. Then you can use your TD Canada Trust Access Card to make Cash Advances from your TD Credit Card Account.

Please note: A Cash Advance will be charged interest from the date the Cash Advance is posted to your Account, In addition, there is a Cash Advance transaction fee of 1% of the amount of the Cash Advance (minimum $3.50 up to a maximum fee of $10.00) made in Canada or $5.00 (if made outside Canada) plus $3.00 at a PLUS network ATM which will be charged to your Account when the Cash Advance transaction occurs. For TD U.S. Dollar Credit Cards, a Cash Advance fee of 2% of the amount of the Cash Advance transaction (minimum $5.00 USD up to a maximum fee of $25 USD) will apply

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