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How do I make a stop payment?

Request a stop payment in EasyWeb

After you login:

  1. Please ensure that the cheque or pre-authorized payment has not already been paid by reviewing your Account Activity prior to requesting a Stop Payment.
  2. Select Pay Bills from the left menu.
  3. Select Make a Stop Payment and enter the cheque or pre-authorized payment details

Before requesting a stop payment, please note the following:

  • Stop Payments are placed on a best efforts basis. The Bank might be unable to successfully stop a cheque if all the details are not entered, if the details are incorrect in any way, or if the requesting company makes additional pre-authorized payment attempts on subsequent days.
  • If the stop payment is successful, the cheque will still clear the account and then the funds should be returned into the account within two business days.
  • If there are any other transactions going through the account during this time frame, they will continue to process as per normal.
  • The timing will affect the balance while the stop is processing and you are still responsible for ensuring there are funds in the account to cover any other transaction or normal NSF fees will apply.

Fees: Stop Payments (cheques or pre-authorized payments) -- $12.50.

Mandatory fields include: Account, Payee Name and Amount  
Optional fields include: Date of Cheque, Cheque Number and Reason

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