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How do I view my bills with the View Bills service?

How to use View Bills

To view a bill, statement or notice through View Bills in EasyWeb, click on the document from your Inbox or Filed Mail. You can view a specific portion of the document by selecting the desired section from the left navigation menu.

You can print the document using your browser's Print function.

To file a document from your Inbox, click on the File link or button. Enter a description in the Memo field (optional) and click on File again. The document will be moved to Filed Mail. Your documents will be stored for three months to seven years, depending on the mailer. 

To make a payment, click on the Pay Bill button while viewing your bill. You can also use the Pay link on the Inbox or Filed Mail screen after you have viewed your bill. If the account is not already on your EasyWeb bill payment list, it will be automatically added for you. You will then be transferred to the EasyWeb Pay Bills process. For your convenience, the total amount owing will be pre-filled for you, but the payment amount can be changed. You will then be able to return to View Bills by clicking the Return button.

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