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How do I edit or modify my U.S. Bill Pay payee information?

To edit or modify a U.S. payee's information on your U.S. payee list in EasyWeb:

After you login:

  1. Select Pay Bills from the left menu.
  2. Select Pay U.S. Bills. Your current payee list will display.  
  3. Select the Edit Payee/Delete Payee drop down menu to the right of the payee name, and then select Edit Payee.
  4. At the Edit U.S. Payee screen you will be able to update the payee account number, nickname, and depending upon the payee, the payee's address.  Once you have completed your edits, select Next.  Note: If you need to edit the payee name or payee address but the system won't permit you to, choose Add U.S. Payee to add it correctly to your list of U.S. payees, then Delete the old payee from your list.
  5. At the verification page, review your edits to make sure they are correct, and select Finish.
  6. Confirm you receive a message that your edits were successfully completed.  At this point you can either choose to Pay this payee or choose Pay bills to another payee.

Please note: Editing a U.S. payee's information on your U.S. payee list will not impact payments conducted prior to making the edits.

To change the sorting order of the payees within your U.S. payee listing, select the Customize Payee List feature.

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