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How do I know if my U.S. Bill Pay payment has been received?

You can track the progress of your U.S. bill payment on EasyWeb by viewing your bill payment details.  The Cheque Status will indicate Pending until the U.S. cheque has been deposited or cashed, at which time the Cheque Status will then be updated to Cleared.  A clearing date indicating the day the cheque was deposited or cashed will also be provided.

Note:  It takes 1 additional business day for the Cheque Status to be updated.

To check the Cheque Status:

  1. Log in to EasyWeb.
  2. Select Pay Bills from the top menu bar.
  3. Select Pay U.S. Bills from the left menu, then View/Cancel Payments from the left sub-menu.
  4. Locate the payment you want to review and then select the + sign in front of it in order to display the expanded payment details.
  5. Review the Cheque Status line to see if the cheque has either Cleared or is still Pending.

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