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How do I reclaim an Interac e-Transfer and deposit it back into my account?

The reclaim feature is only available if the following scenarios occur:

  1. The recipient was not able to correctly answer the security question.

If the recipient does not answer the security question correctly, the Interac e-Transfer® will be declined. The sender should receive an email and/or a text message indicating the recipient was unable to answer the security question and that the funds have been deposited back into the sender's account.

  1. The recipient declined the Interac e-Transfer or the expiry date has passed.

If the recipient declines the Interac e-Transfer, the sender will receive an email and/or text notification that the Interac e-Transfer was declined. The funds should be deposited back into the sender's account automatically.

  1. You entered an invalid e-mail address of the recipient or the transfer was incomplete.

If the sender has entered an invalid email address or mobile number for their recipient, or if other delivery issues were encountered (such as a full inbox, blocked by mail filter or firewall, mail server issues/ISP problems, etc.), the sender will receive an email notification advising that a problem occurred. The sender should cancel the transfer to retrieve the funds.

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