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How can I subscribe to receive my documents through View Bills on EasyWeb?

To subscribe to a new document, click on the Add a Mailer button on the main screen or navigate to the My Mailer tab and click on the Add a Mailer button from this screen. Once you have selected the mailer, click on Next and follow the simple instructions. The subscription will then appear on the My Mailer screen with a "pending" status. Within a few days, you will receive an electronic notice advising you if your subscription was successful and the status will be updated. For real-time subscriptions processed through the mailer's website the subscription will be immediately listed as "active" or "rejected".

If your subscription is successful, your bill, statement or notice will be delivered through View Bills with the next billing cycle. You can expect to receive your electronic bill around the same time of the month that received your paper bill in the mail.

To view detailed information for a subscription, click on the mailer's name.

For billing address changes, please contact the mailer.

To stop receiving a document through View Bills, click on the mailer's name, select Deactivate then Yes to confirm. The subscription will be cancelled as soon as the mailer processes your request. You can continue to view past copies of the document received through View Bills, but new ones will no longer be delivered. If you would like to remove the account from your bill payment list, please select Edit/Delete Payee next to the Payee name.

If your account details have changed, please cancel your subscription and set-up the document again using the new information. You may also have to update your EasyWeb bill payment list by selecting Edit/Delete Payee next to the Payee name.

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