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How do I access my account to withdraw funds while outside of Canada?

Withdrawing funds from your account while outside Canada

While outside Canada, your Access Card can only be used at ATMs bearing the Visa acceptance mark, of which there are over 2 million worldwide.

TD Canada Trust customers don't pay the $3 PLUS system fee when withdrawing cash from a TD Bank ATM in the U.S. At non-TD ATMs, however, you will be charged $3 CAD each time you make a withdrawal in the U.S. and Mexico, and $5 CAD each time you make a withdrawal outside of Canada, U.S. and Mexico; as well as the applicable exchange rate and any applicable transaction fee.

You can view your daily ATM withdrawal limit using the TD Mobile app, on the Transaction Limits page. To change your limits, please visit any TD Canada Trust branch or call EasyLine telephone banking at 1-866-222-3456.

Please note: If you experience difficulty using your Access Card while overseas, please call EasyLine using the International Access Code (IAC) for the country you are in plus 800-222-3456, then press 1. If you do not know the IAC, please call collect at 416-983-5393.

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