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Can I still get my Cash Back Dollars if I close my TD Cash Back Visa Card or TD Cash Back Visa Infinite Card part way through the year?

If you decide to close your Account, then you must apply any earned Cash Back Dollars as of the Account closing date towards any Account Balance until the Account Balance is paid in full. If there are any Cash Back Dollars remaining then you have 90 days from the Account closing date to redeem them as follows:

  1. If the amount of the Cash Back Dollars remaining is $25 or more, you may:
    1. Redeem the Cash Back Dollars for any other redemption options if available; or
    2. Ask us to send you a cheque for the full amount of the remaining Cash Back Dollars.
  2. If the amount of Cash Back Dollars remaining is less than $25, you may only redeem the Cash Back Dollars by contacting TD Credit Cards.

Any Cash Back Dollars that are not redeemed as set out above within 90 days of the Account closing date will expire and be forfeited.

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