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What is TD IdentificationPlus?

Please note: We’re gradually replacing security questions with Two-Step Verification which sends you a unique security code by text or voice message to your device of choice whenever we need to verify your identity. You simply enter that security code into the TD screen and continue banking.  In the meantime, your account may still use IdentificationPlus Security Questions to verify your identity.


TD IdentificationPlus: getting started

TD IdentificationPlus is a security feature that helps to confirm your identity when you access your online accounts. 

To enable TD Identification Plus when you first login to EasyWeb, the TD app (or WebBroker), follow these easy steps:

  1. Select five security questions from the list of options and provide answers.
  2. Choose questions and answers that are easy to remember. For security purposes, don’t write down these questions and answers and leave them where anyone can find them.
  3. If you access EasyWeb from a computer that you don’t normally use, or when you conduct certain transactions, you may be prompted to answer one or more of your security questions. 

Find out more about TD IdentificationPlus.  Also, if you’re not already registered for EasyWeb Internet banking, you can register online.

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