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How do I create effective Security Questions and Answers?

Creating effective security questions

Please note: We’re gradually replacing security questions with Two-Step Verification which sends you a unique security code by text or voice message to your device of choice whenever we need to verify your identity. You simply enter that security code into the TD screen and continue banking. In the meantime, your account may still use IdentificationPlus Security Questions to verify your identity.


Follow these tips when choosing your IdentificationPlus options:

  • Choose questions and answers that you can remember without having to write them down.
  • Do not pick questions or answers that are easy for others to guess.
  • Pick unique answers - do not enter the same answer for more than one question.
  • Use letters and numbers or a combination of letters and numbers. Special characters like # $ % * are not recognized by the system.

Additional security steps you can take when registering for EasyWeb or other online services:

  • Do not enable the AutoComplete or other similar function on your browser.
  • Do not record your user names, passwords or security questions and answers anywhere, either in writing or on your computer.
  • Do not disclose your user names, passwords, or security questions and answers to anyone, especially online or over the phone.

Find out more about IdentificationPlus.




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