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How do I deposit funds to my account in Canada while overseas?

You can send funds to your TD Canada Trust account from overseas by cheque, draft or wire transfer.

To mail cheques or drafts for deposit to your account, please inscribe on the reverse of the cheque or draft 'For Deposit Only' and the branch and account number; then mail the item directly to the branch  that holds your account.  Please bear in mind that the branch may place a hold on a draft or personal cheque until it is cleared.

Alternatively, you can request a wire transfer between institutions. A wire transfer can be sent from any bank to TD Canada Trust.   A wire payment usually arrives at its destination more quickly than a draft or personal cheque.  The sending institution may charge a fee for the wire. 

There is a fee ($10.00 Canadian for Canadian and Foreign currency wires, $10.00 U.S. for wires in U.S. Dollars) for incoming wires to TD Canada Trust .

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