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What happens if I use the wrong email or mobile number for Interac e-Transfer?

Before sending an e-Transfer®, please ensure that the name, email, and phone number displayed match the intended recipient..

If you accidentally use the wrong email address or mobile number to send money and funds have not been deposited yet, you can cancel the Interac e-Transfer. A cancellation fee may apply.

Here are a few tips to follow before sending money:

  • If your recipient has set up Autodeposit, the money will be automatically deposited into their account, and you won't be able to cancel the transfer.
  • If your recipient has not set up Autodeposit, create an effective question that cannot be guessed and only you and the recipient can answer correctly. You must keep the answer to your security question confidential at all times. Do not communicate it electronically (e.g. email, social media, etc.) and never include it in the message field. .

Remember the funds will be deposited to whoever can access the Interac e-Transfer and correctly answers the security question, regardless of whether they are the intended recipient.

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