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How much money can I send through TD Global Transfer on the TD app?

The amount of money you can send through TD Global Transfer will vary based on the method of transfer you select. There are also limits you can send on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. If you exceed these limits, you'll be notified during the TD Global Transfer process.

You can view these limits on the "What are my sending limits" page which displays a list of TD Global Transfer limits. The sending limits list on this page will not reflect any account activity or transactions you may have already completed. Rather, it is to inform our customers of the total limits applicable to the TD Global Transfer service.

To view your limits per method of transfer and on an aggregate basis, simply follow these steps:

After logging into the TD app

  1. Select Send Money from the options at the top of the screen
  2. Select the Globally tab
  3. Input the destination country
  4. Select "What are my sending limits?"

The sending limits page outlines the limits per method of transfer, as well as the aggregate limits for TD Global Transfer. You'll find the methods of transfers listed as follows:

Send limits for Cash Pick-up with Western Union®

Send to Card limits with Visa Direct

Send to Account limits with TD Global Bank Transfer

There are no limits to the actual number of money transfers you can send per day. The limits are applicable to the total dollar amount sent in a specific time period and will not include transfer fees. If a transfer is cancelled, the limits will revert to the limits prior to the cancelled transfer within 1 to 3 business days.

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