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Why am I unable to log into EasyWeb Interac Online with my new TD Access Card?


New TD Access Cards and Interac Online payments

The Canadian Code of Conduct for the Credit and Debit Card Industry limits the new TD Access Card from offering both Interac Online and Visa Debit for online purchases. This means that customers who have the new TD Access Card will not be able to use Interac Online as a payment option

Canadian Bill Pay is an alternative payment option to Interac Online.

  • Most online merchants offer payment by Visa Debit which your new TD Access Card supports, and by TD Credit Card (Visa or MasterCard).
  • Many merchants offer payment through EasyWeb Bill Pay, including the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) for personal income tax payments, various universities for tuition payments and others.
  1. Log into EasyWeb using your Username or Access Card and your password.
  2. Select Pay Bills from the left menu.
  3. Select Pay Canadian Bills.
  4. Select the Add payee button to add a Canadian business to your payee list.
  5. When you enter the payee name, a suggested list of matching companies will appear. You can also enter a full name and select Search
  6. Follow the remaining instructions to add company details and make your payment.

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