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How do I receive a wire transfer to my account?

The person sending the wire transfer to your TD Canada Trust account must provide the following information about you and your account to their financial institution:

  • Your name (as account holder) and your full address
  • Your Account number
  • Your branch transit number and full branch address
  • TD's Institution number: 004 
  • TD's Swift Code (international): TDOMCATTTOR (applies to all accounts and branch locations)

If the transfer is in U.S. dollars, you may need to provide the following information from our U.S Correspondent/Intermediary Bank:

  • Bank of America, New York
  • Fedwire ABA# 026009593

If you hold a US dollar or other foreign currency account with TD, ensure you provide the correct account for the currency you wish to receive. If TD receives the wire payment in a currency that is different from the currency of your deposit account listed on the wire payment, the funds will be converted to the currency of your account.

If the account, name or address listed on the wire payment does not match exactly to your TD Canada Trust profile, funds may be returned to the sending financial institution.

Once a wire payment has been sent from another financial institution, it takes approximately 1-5 business days until TD receives the funds. Timing depends on the currency sent, where the sending financial institution is geographically located, and how many intermediary banks the sending financial institution needed to use for the transfer.

There is a fee for receiving a wire payment. Please refer to the About our accounts and related services (PDF) document under "Wire payment by visiting a branch". Other fees may be applied by the issuing financial institution and intermediary banks.

Information regarding your account can be found on your cheques. For more details see How do I find my transit number, institution number, and account number?

Please note that TD Canada Trust does not have an IBAN (International Standard for Bank Account Numbers) as it's not used by financial institutions in North America. In Canada, Bank Identifier Code (BIC) can also refer to the SWIFT code. 



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