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Why are passbooks no longer available?

After careful consideration and review, we have discontinued all passbook services as of Nov 19, 2020 to keep pace with our customers’ preference for easy, convenient, and environmentally friendly banking options.

TD offers monthly paper or online statements as a way for customers to keep track of their transactions and account balances. You can monitor your balances and transaction history online, 24/7 via EasyWeb or the TD App.

To take advantage of our convenient online banking, you might also want to consider switching your delivery preferences to receive online Statements and Other Documents.

After you log in to EasyWeb: 

  1. Select Accounts from the left-hand navigation
  2. Select Statements & Documents and then Delivery Preferences in the left-hand navigation
  3. Change your eligible accounts to whatever delivery preference you wish
  4. If you're switching to Online, you may be asked to review and agree to the Consent to Electronic Delivery of Documents.

After you log in to the TD app:

  1. Select an account. 
  2. Select Statements tab.
  3. Select Manage Delivery Settings.
  4. Select Online under Account Delivery Preferences for all the accounts you want to make changes to; save once you are done. 
  5. If you're switching to Online, you may be asked to review and agree to the Consent to Electronic Delivery of Documents. 

Please note that since passbooks are no longer offered, once you switch to another delivery preference, you cannot switch back to a passbook. Other delivery options such as a mailed paper statement remain available and you can switch between online and paper statement at any time.

To view fees associated with paper statements and cheque image return, please visit "About our accounts and related services (PDF)" in the "other service options" section.

>> Review and update your Statements and Other Documents delivery preferences now on EasyWeb or on the TD app. 


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