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Why was my TD Credit Card declined?

A credit card may decline for many reasons, such as:

  • You have reached your credit limit
  • There are pending transactions that have lowered your available credit but have not been applied to the card balance
  • Payment has not yet been posted to the balance
  • Card details were entered incorrectly (card number, expiry date, or the security code (CVV))
  • PIN number was entered incorrectly or has been locked
  • Card is behind on payments
  • New or replacement card has yet to be activated
  • Card is expired
  • Card has been closed or cancelled
  • Personal credit card lock feature or block international purchase feature has been applied
  • Card has been temporarily blocked (for example, you may have reported your card as lost or stolen, or there has been unusual purchasing activity detected)

Login to your TD app or EasyWeb Online Banking to review your Account details and settings.

If you have sufficient available credit for your purchase and your card is in good standing, please contact TD Credit Cards for further assistance.

To help save you time, call us using the TD app. Doing this is a secure way to help get your call prioritized. Simply login to the TD app, scroll to the bottom of the home screen and select Contact Us > Call us.


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