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What do I do if I don't recognize a transaction?

If you don't recognize a transaction, there are several ways to proceed. Often, unrecognized transactions turn out to be legitimate transactions that aren't labelled or posted in an expected way.

Tips to help identify unfamiliar transactions:

  • Review your receipts – If the date is unfamiliar, remember that transactions may appear a few days late, delayed, or may be amended after the date of purchase (at a hotel, for example). Sometimes merchants use different names or have an alternate company name than the one you recognize.
  • If the location is unfamiliar- Keep in mind that some merchants (airlines and large companies, for example) have offices or processing centres in multiple cities.
  • Look out for trial offer transactions – Sometimes trial offers automatically enroll trials into paid monthly subscriptions unless they are cancelled before the identified date.
  • Discuss it with the merchant directly – If you speak to someone who can review the transaction, like a manager or call centre, often they can correct the mistake and resolve the issue and/or give you a refund. Keep track of the dates and names, and key points or outcomes of any conversations for reference.
  • Consult with other card users or account holders – Transactions can be made by an Additional Cardholder or anyone authorized to use the card or account in question. EasyWeb Online Banking allows you to see which cardholder on the account completed the transaction.
  • Understand the status – For Credit Cards, transactions may sometimes temporarily show under Pending and Posted at the same time. This has no effect on your Current Balance or Available Credit. TD can't assist you with a transaction dispute until the transaction has been posted.

Once you have reviewed these tips and still wish to discuss a transaction, or believe there may be fraud on your account, you have several ways to reach us, listed below.

If you did not make the purchase and think the transaction is fraudulent, please contact us at 1-800-983-8472 (for Credit Cards) or 1-866-222-3456 (for TD Access Cards).

To dispute a transaction on your TD Credit Card

If you would like to dispute a transaction on your Credit Card statement, simply complete and submit a transaction dispute request within 30 days of the credit card statement closing date.

While you complete the above steps, please remember you have the option to lock your credit card to avoid additional unauthorized purchases. To lock your card, simply login to the TD app, select your credit card, and select Manage. While your card is locked you can't make any new purchases or pay using your digital wallet. Pre-authorized payments and ATM transactions will still go through, credit card payments will still be accepted, and you can make transfers.

To dispute a transaction on your TD Access Card

If you would like to dispute a transaction on your account statement, simply complete and submit a transaction dispute request within 30 days of the date you have received notice of the transaction as per your account agreement.

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