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Why does an account incur Transaction or Withdrawal Fees?

Transaction/Withdrawal fees

Personal Chequing/Savings Account:  If you exceed the number of transactions included per month on your account you will be charged a transaction fee for each additional transaction.

Please note that your transaction fees charged by TD are lumped together and charged at the end of the month. On your personal statement, this charge will show as a "withdrawal fee".

Within our About our accounts and related services (PDF) document we refer to this as a "transaction fee". To view fees associated with your account please refer to the Personal Bank Accounts page and choose the Chequing/Savings account of which you are an accountholder to view details.

A great way to monitor your monthly transactions is by using the TD app, or by using EasyWeb online banking. Both platforms give you real-time information on your banking habits. 

>> To view all transaction fees associated with Personal Chequing/Savings Accounts, please refer to About our accounts and related services (PDF) document under the "TD Chequing Accounts or TD Savings Accounts" sections.

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