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What should I do if my bill payment has not been received by the payee yet?

If a payee has not received your bill payment:

After you login to EasyWeb:

  1. Confirm that you paid the correct payee and account number in EasyWeb by selecting Pay Bills from the left navigation.
  2. Select Payment History under Pay Canadian Bills.
  3. With your list open, select your payee from the Show Payee menu to review your payments. If the payment is not there, select All Payees to review all your payments. You can then ensure you did not select the wrong payee from your list or mistakenly pay the wrong (or an old) payee account number.
  4. Compare the account number you paid with the account number shown on your most recent statement/invoice from the payee. 
  5. If you made your payment to the correct payee/account number, contact the payee's customer service area and ask them to investigate.
Please note: If your payment wasn't made in time to be listed on your most recent statement, it will be listed on your next statement.

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