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How do I cancel a pending INTERAC e-Transfer for either Send Money or Request Money?

For pending transfers, go to your Interac e-Transfer® History on EasyWeb or the TD app and navigate to the Money Sent or Money Requested section. From there, select the transaction you would like to cancel, and then follow the steps.

If the recipient has Autodeposit enabled, the funds will automatically be deposited into their account. It's crucial to ensure the name, email, and phone number displayed match the intended recipient as Autodeposit transactions can't be cancelled.

Please note: A $5 fee applies to each Send Money cancellation, unless cancelled within 45 minutes of sending. There is no fee to cancel a Request Money transaction.

Note that for the following accounts, Send Money cancellations are free:

  • High Interest TFSA Savings Account
  • TD Wealth Private Banking Account
  • TD Unlimited Business Plan
  • Line of Credit

For Business Customers: When multiple Access Cards have been issued for the same business account and registered for Interac e-Transfer, each cardholder will only be able to edit or cancel transfers that he or she sent. All transfers sent and accepted will continue to appear in the Account Activity.

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