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How do I defer a mortgage payment?

Payment Vacation

To be eligible, all TD Canada Trust debt, including your mortgage, must be – and continue to be – up to date, with no current delinquencies or arrears. As well, there must be no evidence of previous bankruptcy or written-off debt. The Payment Vacation option will result in interest capitalization. That means the interest will be added back to the principal outstanding on your mortgage.

The "Payment Vacation" feature gives you the flexibility to take up to 4 months off from making your mortgage payments: A payment vacation is permitted once per term for up to four months.

After you log in to EasyWeb:

  1. Select a mortgage account
  2. Select Mortgage Payment Options from the left navigation
  3. Select the mortgage account for which you want a Payment Vacation
  4. Select “Take a Payment Vacation
  5. Complete the fields as instructed on the page. (You may also edit your contact information by selecting “Edit Contact Info”.
  6. After reading, select I Agree to accept the terms and conditions and proceed to verification screen.
  7. Select Confirm to submit the request. 

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