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Will I have to do Two-Step Verification when I travel?

Two-Step Verification is required when you login to your account from a device we don't recognize. A recognized device is a device that you have used to login to access your TD accounts before.

To avoid disruption while travelling, we encourage you to take the following steps:

  • If you travel and have access to a land line or mobile phone number that you trust at your destination, we recommend adding that phone number to your Security Settings before you leave. Otherwise, you may not be able to receive the one-time security code and login once you are outside the country
  • If you are bringing your own laptop, make sure to login at least once before you leave for your trip and do not clear cookies after your login
  • If you are bringing your own mobile device or tablet, download the latest version of the TD app and make sure to login at least once before you leave for your trip
  • Consider changing your Login option for receiving a one-time passcode to "Only when we want to confirm your identity" in your security settings.

Important: To update or add additional phone numbers in your Security Settings, you're required to have access to one of the phone numbers you've previously verified to receive a one-time security code.

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