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What is Verified.Me and how does it help me?

Verified.Me, by SecureKey Technologies Inc., is a new Canadian service to help verify your identity, so you can get things done fast online, in person and on the phone(1). Verified.Me helps verify your identity quickly and securely from any iOS or Android smartphone, by facilitating the sharing of personal information that you consent to share from your Connections to trusted network participants. The Verified.Me service is protected with strong security protocols to protect personal information from being identified, accessed or misused by unauthorized parties. Verified.Me uses blockchain technology to securely and privately transfer your personal information from Connections you've added to your profile to trusted network participants, giving you easy access to the services you want, when you want them.
(1) Some features are not yet available.
How Verified.Me can help you:
1. Save time 
No need to compile documents or go in person to register for services or products. With Verified.Me, you can use personal information you have already provided to other trusted Connections, like your financial institution, to quickly get access to services and products you need.
2. Secure and private
Verified.Me uses strong security protocols to protect personal information from being identified, accessed or misused. Verified.Me has no access to the credentials you use to log in to your financial institution.
3. Reduce oversharing information about yourself!
Conveniently manage where, when and why your information is shared through the Verified.Me service — only ever with the participating trusted network participants you choose.
4. You’re in control.
You'll be asked to provide consent for every transaction.
5. It’s free 
You don’t have to pay for downloading or using Verified.Me. *Standard message and data rates from your wireless carrier may apply.


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