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What information from my financial institution profile is shared via Verified.Me

Only your Financial Institution (FI) has access to your FI online and mobile banking credentials. Your online and mobile banking credentials are not accessible by Verified.Me or any organization you choose to share your personal information with. Through the service, you can authorize the sharing of personal information from your FI or from other Connections you have added to another trusted network participant.

Your personal information is only shared with your express consent and the fields to be shared can be reviewed before consenting to share. The personal information that is being shared from your FI is limited to information that you consent to share, which may include your name, address, phone number, email address, and date of birth. Your account number, account type, financial institution, account status, verification date, and customer reference number are only shared with your consent for specific services and products you may be opening with the trusted network participant. Your personal information shared does not contain your financial transactions, balances, etc.

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