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What types of TD Mutual Funds can I purchase?

While there are numerous, each mutual fund will fall into one of the three main asset classes: safety, income or growth. Or, you can choose a balanced fund which is actively managed to maintain a mix of all three asset classes.

You can choose mutual funds that invest in money market investments such as treasury bills, income investments such as bonds, or equity investments such as stocks of large corporations, both domestic and international.

Some funds are broadly diversified, while others target an asset class or a specific sector of the economy, such as international bonds or science & technology stocks. Others aim to replicate the performance of a well-known index, such as the S&P/TSX Composite Index in Canada or Standard & Poor's (S&P) 500 in the United States. 

We recommend you speak with a TD Mutual Fund Representative to better understand what is right for you.

Learn more about TD Mutual Funds

Visit the TD Mutual Funds site. You can search funds by fund name, code or ticker.

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