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What is the benefit to contributing to my RRSP early in the tax year?

It's a sound strategy to contribute early in the tax year. Contributing at the earliest possible date rather than waiting for the deadline can make a big difference because your savings can generate more compound income. The difference really adds up!

Three people contribute $18,000 a year at 6% compounded annually:
Person "A" contributes in January at the beginning of
the tax year.
Person "B" contributes in December, at the end of the
tax year.
Person "C" contributes $1,500 every month.

At the end of 35 years, their RRSPs are worth:

Person RRSP Value
Person "A"
January, beginning of tax year  $2,126,176
Person "B"
December, end of tax year $2,005,826
Person "C"
Monthly, 12 months/year  $2,070,435

In 35 years, "A" has $120,350 more in their RRSP than "B"!

In 35 years, "C" has $64,609 more in their RRSP than "B"!

The example above is based on a constant 6% rate in order to illustrate the advantages of tax-deferred savings and compounded returns. Because actual interest rates fluctuate, the amounts shown do not necessarily represent the value you would actually accumulate in an RRSP.

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