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How can I avoid or reduce fees and service charges on my account?

How to reduce the monthly fees charged on your accounts?

TD offers a wide range of options with the convenience and flexibility to meet your banking needs.

  1. TD offers a monthly fee rebate on select Chequing Accounts if you maintain the minimum monthly balance or more for that account at the end of each day of the month. 
  2. To help avoid additional transaction fees, TD offers unlimited transactions on select Chequing Accounts.
  3. TD offers features on select Savings Accounts that can help you reduce fees such as: unlimited free transfers to your other TD deposit accounts, and no transaction fee with maintenance of minimum monthly balance.

>> To view monthly fees associated with all Chequing and Savings accounts, or to compare the flexibility of different account types please visit the Personal Chequing Accounts page or the Personal Savings Accounts page.


>> You can also compare and change your account type on EasyWeb to switch to an account that better fits your needs.

Please note: If you do not maintain the minimum monthly balance or more at the end of each day of the month, the monthly fee associated with your Chequing account will be charged to your account.

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