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What types of alerts will I receive to notify me that my online Statements and Other Documents are available to view in EasyWeb?

When a new Statement and/or Other Document is available to view online in EasyWeb, you will receive a notification message on EasyWeb via Secure Message (My Inbox). If you choose to receive Email Notifications, a notification will also be sent to your email account.

Email notifications are only available for accounts where you've chosen electronic delivery. We'll email you at the email address you provided to let you know when your Statement or Other Document for a selected account is ready to view on EasyWeb. Check your secure inbox on EasyWeb regularly, whether or not you receive an email notification.

How to get Email Notifications

After you log in to EasyWeb: 

  1. Select Accounts from the left-hand navigation
  2. Select Statements & Documents and then Delivery Preferences in the left-hand navigation
  3. Change your eligible accounts to start receiving email notifications by ticking the "notify by email" box next to your account(s)
  4. You will have to provide your valid/active email address to receive the email notification.

>> Review and update your Statements and Documents delivery preferences now in EasyWeb or on the TD app. 

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