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Can I add a bookmark or “Favorites” entry for EasyWeb Internet banking?

How to use bookmarks and Favorites with Easyweb

The easiest way to access EasyWeb frequently is to bookmark the EasyWeb login page (also known as "adding it to your Favorites"). All browsers offer an option for this. Simply click on one of the choices below:

Internet Explorer: Add EasyWeb to my Favorites
Firefox: Bookmark EasyWeb
Chrome: Bookmark EasyWeb
Safari: Add Bookmark to EasyWeb

Please note, we do not recommend adding a bookmark for a specific screen within EasyWeb.  Ideally you should start each session by logging in to EasyWeb, and then log off when you’re finished.

An alternate solution:

Many customers prefer simply to bookmark our home page and then access EasyWeb via the login section at the upper right.  

If you ever experience any trouble with a bookmarked login page, this method should ensure no further difficulties.

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