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Is there a way to make my withdrawals faster at the Green Machine ATM?

Quicker withdrawals at Green Machine ATMs

Make your withdrawals faster in just 5 easy steps!

  1. After inserting your TD Access Card select Set My Favourite Withdrawal.
  2. Next, set your favourite withdrawal amount
    Tip: You can select a pre-set dollar amount, OR select another amount and type in your preferred amount using the ATM keypad.
  3. Simply select the account you want to use for your favourite withdrawal.
  4. Choose whether or not you always want a printed receipt.
  5. Next, a summary of your preferences will appear. Here you can make changes or save your preferences.

Now your Welcome screen will display My Favourite Withdrawal, showing your amount, account and receipt preference. You can now select this option to get cash in one easy step!

You may change settings to the My Favourite Withdrawal feature any time by selecting More Transactions.


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