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How do I modify a Pre-Authorized Purchase Plan for my TD Mutual Funds in EasyWeb?

In EasyWeb, from the My Accounts > Investments screen, click on Pre-Authorized Purchase Plans > Modify All PPPs to make changes to all your Pre-Authorized Purchase Plans (PPP) for your TD Mutual Funds or TD e-Series Funds account. Alternatively, you can follow the steps below for modification to individual funds. 
  1. Select Pre-Authorized Purchase Plans (PPP) from the left navigation menu.
  2. Click the Modify button next to the PPP that you would like to change.
  3. Make any changes you would like to the Amount, Frequency and/or Process On fields for any or all of the PPPs.
  4. Enter a dollar amount that will be purchased in the selected investment every time the PPP is processed.
  5. Select the frequency, i.e. how often your PPP will be processed. The available frequencies are weekly, bi-weekly (every two weeks), semi-monthly (twice a month), monthly, quarterly, semi-annually (twice a year) or annually.
  6. Select the day your PPP will be processed. This may be a day of the week (for weekly or bi-weekly PPPs) or a day of the month (for semi-monthly or monthly PPPs). Quarterly, semi-annual and annual PPPs will be processed on the Start Date you select, then every subsequent three, six or twelve months respectively.
  7. Select a Start Date for your PPP changes. The Start Date is the date on which the Pre-Authorized Purchase Plan (PPP) changes will take effect.
  8. Click Next to verify the transaction. Clicking the Clear button will clear all the fields you have selected.
  9. Once you have verified the details of the transaction, confirm your request by clicking I accept.
  10. You will receive an order number for the transaction.
Your contact information is necessary for TD Mutual Funds transactions. Email is used to communicate with EasyWeb clients in the event that we are unable to process a client's trade. Trades are sometimes not processed because a client's Investment Objectives recorded on the account is not in line with the investments they wish to purchase.
You may directly change the email address located in this email field. Please note that this will change the email address associated with all your TD Mutual Funds and TD e-Series Funds accounts.
Your telephone number will only be used for this transaction, and any changes made will not permanently update your records. If you would like to permanently update your telephone number, please select My Account > Profile & Settings > My Profile > Phone > Edit (only available for personal accounts).
Start Date Examples for Monthly and More Frequent PPPs:
The "Start Date" is the first possible date your PPP may occur. However, if the "Start Date" does not match your selected frequency and PPP "Process On" day, your first PPP will occur on the next valid "Process On" day.
For example, if you select a weekly PPP to be processed on Fridays, and the "Start Date" is a Friday, the first PPP will occur on the "Start Date." Otherwise, it will occur on the first Friday after the "Start Date."
Start Date Requirements:
If your order is received before 3 PM Eastern Time on a business day, the "Start Date" must be at least one business day in the future. If your order is received after 3 PM Eastern Time on a business day, or any time on a non-business day, the "Start Date" must be at least two business days in the future.

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