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How do I stop a purchase from being billed to my TD Credit Card?

The best way to stop a purchase from being billed to your account is to contact the merchant directly. Cancellation of the purchase would be in accordance with the merchant's terms and conditions. This applies to both one-time and recurring transactions.

If you have cancelled the transaction and continue to be billed, please call TD Credit Cards for assistance.

If you have temporarily misplaced your credit card and want to lock it to avoid fraudulent purchases, you can lock it instantly, and then unlock it once you find your card. To lock your card, simply login to the TD app, select your credit card, and select Manage. While your card is locked you can't make any new purchases or pay using your digital wallet. Pre-authorized payments and ATM transactions will still go through, credit card payments will still be accepted, and you can make transfers. If you think your credit card is permanently lost or stolen, report it to TD Credit Cards at 1-800-983-8472.

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