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How do I change my recordkeeping option to Paperless in EasyWeb?

Paperless Record Keeping – opting out of receiving Statements entirely – is available through EasyWeb for Personal Deposit Accounts only.

Here's how you can change your delivery option to Paperless (no statement) after you log in to EasyWeb:

  1. Select Accounts from the left-hand navigation
  2. Select Statements & Documents and then Delivery Preferences in the left-hand navigation
  3. Select "Paperless (no statement)" under the Statements column for the account(s) you wish to switch to paperless
  4. Please note that you will not receive any statements for accounts with this preference, but you can continue to review and access your account activity online

You can change the delivery preference for your accounts any time.

>> Review and update your Statements and Other Documents delivery preferences now in EasyWeb or on thr TD app

Important information about Paperless Record Keeping

  • If you currently have Statement Record Keeping, you may receive one more monthly paper statement before your Paperless Record Keeping takes effect.
  • If you currently have the Statement with Cheque Image Return option, you will no longer receive a statement or have your cheque images returned if you choose the Paperless Record Keeping option.
  • Paperless Record Keeping is not an electronic statement. You will be able to monitor your account activity through EasyWeb.

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