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How do I deposit funds I received through INTERAC e-Transfer into my TD account?

When you receive money using Interac e-Transfer®, you'll get an email or text message from Interac telling you that a person or business has sent you money.

If you have registered your email address for Autodeposit, the money will be automatically deposited into your account without the need to answer a security question.

To enable Autodeposit when receiving an Interac e-Transfer, please see "How do I setup Autodeposit?".

To deposit the money you received (if you haven't set up Autodeposit):

  1. Open the Interac email or text message link and select TD to log into EasyWeb or the TD app
  2. Enter the correct answer to the Security Question and move to the next step.
  3. Select an account to deposit the funds.

Note: on the TD App, Steps 2 and 3 are in reverse order.

  1. Review and confirm the information that you have entered.
  2. Press Deposit Now to finish the transaction

That's it! Your money has been deposited and a confirmation number is provided. The sender will be notified by email and/or text that the transaction was completed.

If you are expecting an e-Transfer and have not received an email and/or text from Interac, check your 'Junk' mail folder.

You can also receive money using the "Request Money" feature from an individual or a business.

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