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What is Visa Account Updater (VAU)?

Visa Account Updater (VAU) allows your TD Credit Card and TD Access Card number and/or expiry date to be securely updated at participating merchants with whom you have an existing relationship and who have your card on file.

These merchants can use this service to receive your new card number and expiry date when this information changes. There are no fees applicable to you for these updates. Your card is automatically enrolled if you use it to set-up pre-authorized payments.

Not all merchants participate in VAU, so you should still ensure that your card information is updated at merchants where you have pre-authorized payments (PAPs) setup. TD is not responsible for any PAPs that cannot be posted to your account due to your existing card information not being updated with merchants, and you must settle any dispute or liability you may have for transactions relating to those PAPs directly with the merchant involved.

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