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What information does my recipient need to provide when I send money directly to their account through TD Global Transfer?

When you send a money transfer through the Send to Account method, you will be asked to provide specific information depending on the country and currency of your recipient's bank account. Please ensure all information you provide is accurate. 

Some fields that may be required for your money transfer include: 

-Account Number (e.g. IBAN, CLABE, BBAN)
-Bank Number (e.g. BIC, Swift, Routing Code)
-Branch ID (Branch Code)
-Tax ID 

If you need guidance on how to fill out the required fields for your money transfer, simply hover over the tooltip above each field (?) in EasyWeb, or select "Get help finding bank information" on the TD app. There you'll find helpful information such as format, and character limit. If you require additional support, please contact us at 1-844-352-1148. If we're unable to assist you, you may be asked to contact the recipient or the recipient's bank directly to get more details for how to complete the information required for your transfer.

Sometimes, you may be required to provide additional documentation outside of the information collected within the TD Global Transfer process. In some rare instances, your recipient may be required to go into a bank and provide this information. 

Please note, the information you have entered during the money transfer will be displayed on your Transfer Receipt. You can access the details of your money transfer within your Transaction History, though in some cases, we are not able to display all the information collected. If you would like to keep a copy of the full details, we suggest you print your Transfer Receipt.

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