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How long does it take for my recipient to receive my TD Global Transfer?

Your estimated arrival time for a TD Global Transfer changes based on the destination country and currency selected, as well as the method of money transfer you choose. The estimated arrival time for each method of transfer will be displayed when you select "Get estimates" at the beginning of the money transfer process. The estimated arrival time can also be seen on your transfer receipt and on your transfer details in your Transaction History. 

These are the approximate timelines for each method of transfer:

Send to Account: anywhere from 24 hours to 10 business days. The estimated arrival time is based on the country you are sending your money transfer to.

Send for Cash Pick-up: 2-4 hours 

Send to Card: usually 24-48 hours, except for U.S. which will be available in 2-4 hours.

If your money transfer hasn’t arrived in the specified estimated delivery time, please check the status of the transfer, ask your recipient to contact their local institution regarding their transfer, or please call TD at 1-844-352-1148

There may be a couple of reasons that your recipient hasn't received their bank transfer within the expected time:

  • You may be required to provide more information before your money transfer can be processed. 
  • The recipient may be required to provide more information before your money transfer can be processed. (such as ID).

Failure to respond to our request for more information may result in your money transfer being rejected. If your money transfer is rejected for whatever reason, you can expect the money to return to your account within 5 business days. 

Please ensure have the correct information to help process your money transfer within expected delivery times.

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