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How do I increase payment to my mortgage?

Increase Mortgage Payment

To increase the amount that you currently pay on your TD mortgage, please follow these instructions:

  1. Log into EasyWeb
  2. Select My Accounts > Accounts in the top menu bar. Under Personal Accounts, select a mortgage account.
  3. Select Mortgage Payment Options from the left navigation
  4. Select the mortgage account to for which you want to increase payment. Select Increase Payment.
  5. On the Increase Payment Amount screen, enter new payment amount. You may enter a value within the indicated range, or click Calculate Savings to see how much you save by increasing your payment amount.
  6. Select Next to verify the transaction.
  7. Review your changes and select Confirm to process the change.

Please note that Change Mortgage Payment Amount Requests are manually reviewed and are subject to the terms and conditions of your mortgage including eligibility.

You will receive a confirmation number. Transactions take up to 2 business days to review for eligibility and processing. If approved, you will see the payment increase transaction. If declined, you will receive notice of the decline by email.

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