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How do I make a payment using the Tax Payment and Filing Service?


Make a Payment Using Tax Payment & Filing Service

If you are a Small Business customer, you can make a tax payment in EasyWeb from the Pay Bills screen.

If your business is not registered yet, you need to register your business to use this service.

On the Tax Payment & Filing main menu, you will see a list of all the payment types that you have previously added. To make a payment:

  1. Click on the " Make a Tax Payment and Filing" button
  2. Select the payment type you wish to pay.
  3. Then select Pay.
  4. The Make a Payment – Enter Payment  Details screen will display a drop down list.
  5. Select from that drop down list the account you wish to Pay from.
  6. Complete the information in the required fields.
  7. Select Next to proceed to the Verify and Submit screen.
  8. Click on Submit button
  9. Record the confirmation number for reconciling the payment to your TD Canada Trust account statement.


  • Once you have selected Pay, the transaction is completed. If you made an error, you must cancel the payment and re-enter the details.
  • If you enter a date that is not a business day, the system will default to the next business day.

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