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What is INTERAC e-Transfer Autodeposit?

Autodeposit is a convenient feature that saves you time; the money you receive using Interac e-Transfer® can automatically be deposited into your account without requiring you to sign-in to the TD app or EasyWeb. There's no need to go through the security Q&A process.

Setting up Autodeposit is easy and only requires a one-time registration. You just need to choose one or more email addresses to receive notifications and a TD account where the funds can be deposited. Any e-Transfers sent to the registered email address will automatically be deposited to the designated TD account.

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If you have Autodeposit: Both the sender and you, as the recipient, will be notified once the transaction has been processed. There's no need for you to answer a security question.

If the person you're sending money to has Autodeposit: Again, both you, as the sender and the recipient will be notified once the transaction has been processed. You won't have to enter a security question.


There is no fee to set up Autodeposit.

Maximum Setups

A TD personal bank account can be linked to a maximum of 5 different email addresses to receive Autodeposits; eligible business accounts can accommodate up to 100 email addresses.

However, an email address can only be registered for Autodeposit to one bank account. If you try to register an email address that is already registered for Autodeposit on another account, you will have the option to switch the account that the Autodeposit is registered to.

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