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What is Two-Step Verification and how does it work?

Two-Step Verification is an extra layer of security to protect your accounts. Any time we need to confirm your identity online, we'll text or call you with a one-time security verification code.

How it works

When we need to verify your identity online, there are two key steps:

Step 1: Login as you normally would by using your login credentials. Most of the time this is all you need to do to login.      

Step 2: When we need to verify your identity online, we prompt you to get a one-time security verification code by text or voice message. When you get your security verification code, you simply enter it onto the TD screen and continue banking.

We only require you to use Two-Step Verification when you login from a device we don't recognize. A recognized device is any device that you regularly use to access your TD accounts.

To view, update and add phone numbers to receive one-time security verification codes, go to Security Settings. Please note that standard wireless carrier message and data rates may apply for text messages.

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