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How can I save on the TD Direct Investing quarterly maintenance fee?

TD Direct Investing clients are charged a quarterly^ maintenance fee of $25. 
There are five ways to avoid this fee. You only need to meet one condition to qualify:
1. $15,000 minimum balance: Maintain a minimum balance of $15,000 (cash and assets) in your account(s) or combined household^^ accounts. 
2. Systematic investing: Register any of your accounts in a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) or set up a pre-authorized deposit / contribution of at least $100 a month.
3. Three trades: Complete at least three commissionable trades in the previous quarter from any of your accounts or those which have a household relationship to your account for the fee to be waived in the next quarter.
4. Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP): You or any member of your household^^ have a Registered Disability Savings Plan.
5. New client: No fee is charged if you are in the first six months of a single account or the first account opened within your household^^. 
If your account is householded^^ and none of the accounts in the household meet one of the ways to avoid the fee, the household will only be charged a single quarterly maintenance fee for all its accounts.
^ The maintenance fee is assessed at the end of each calendar quarter and charged in April, July, September and December. 
^^ You could qualify to save on the fee faster with our Householding program. Connect accounts in a single household and if any member (individually or combined) meets the conditions, the entire household will have their fee waived.

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